We are Genesis Safe Play –
By name and by mission.

We’re passionate about our players, including the ones we have and the ones we’ve yet to meet. Genesis Safe Play is our way of telling our players that from the moment they log in, to the second they swipe off, we’re there to keep you free from harm and to give you all the resources we have available to keep it that way.
  • How we can help
    There are a variety of tools and services on offer to help you stay in control of your gambling.
  • Test Yourself
    Check if your play is safe by taking our anonymous self-assessment survey.
  • Case Study
    Learn about how you can help keep your play safe at every step.
  • Top Tips
    Check out the Genesis Top Tips to stay in control of your gambling.
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So, why is this important &
how do we actually do what we say?

All of us here know that Genesis Safe Play means driving in the same direction. We know that gaming is a fun, entertaining experience that, with the right support and platform to play, is an adventure we’d all pay for. But we also know that in few, but no less crucial instances, gaming is an experience that can quickly turn, unwholesome, unsavoury and sour. That’s why we make it a goal throughout everything we do be transparent in showing you how issues can arise, and to encourage you to be honest with us when they do.

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Our Brands

We started on a luxurious ship, then took it back to being simple spinning and then we took to the skies – we can’t wait for what’s to come next!