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We want you stay mindful and continue to play in a responsible way. Whether you’re simply curious about your style of play or if you’re worried about your safety, take our online quiz for a better understanding.

Simple answer the questions based on your playing experiences and we will inform you at the end of how positive, or negative, your playing has become.

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Our quiz is free and 100% anonymous. The Genesis Safe Play Quiz solely for you and protecting your health.

No data or information about your answers will be saved, so please try to answer as honest as possible.

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Take the Genesis Safe Play Quiz


Answer the following statements based on your gambling over the last three months.

5   Strongly Agree      4   Agree      3   Neither      2   Disagree      1   Strongly Disagree

Take a note of your answers and tally up your score. See your results below.

  • “I regularly don’t know what to do with my time when I’m not gambling”
  • “I sometimes spend money on gaming when I need it for other essentials, such as travel, accommodation or even food”
  • “I have had to borrow money in the past as I have spent too much on gaming”
  • “I have borrowed money in the past so that I can gamble”
  • “I sometimes miss social events with friends and family to spend more time gaming”
  • “Gambling has started to affect my performance at work/school”
  • “I don’t like to tell my family and friends how much time and/or money I spend gambling”
  • “People close to me have commented negatively on how much time and/or money I spend gambling”
  • “Sometimes I gamble more to try and win back what I have lost”
  • “If I’m upset or stressed, gambling makes me feel better”
  • “I sometimes feel low and/or upset when I think of how much time I spend gambling”
  • “I regularly get carried away and spend longer than I had intended gambling”

Check your results

  • 12-28

Your playing is positive!

According to the answers you provided during this quiz, you seem to be able to play in a responsible way.

We suggest coming back to take our Genesis Safe Play Quiz regularly to ensure you stay in control of your gambling.

  • 28-44

Be careful, you could be at risk!

According to the answers you provided during this quiz, you could be at risk to developing problems from your gambling. There is plenty can do to prevent it going any further such as setting limits or taking some time away.

Have a look at the tools we offer.

  • 44-60

Please take care, you are at risk!

According to the answers you provided during this quiz, you are showing clear signs of a gambling problem. We have a courteous and discreet Customer Support Team who are on hand to help you take a break or set limits on your account.

Please consider contacting one of the Gambling Counselling Organisations listed below for advice and support.




Gamblers Anonymous


Gambling Therapy